Scouting the Web for Old PBS prospects batch 1

So hello world of Booty shake. This is Pinoybellyshaker. Coz I got myself a Belly. Lets scout the internet for some Booty shaker. On top of my mind is mandy kaye. Pinay daw siya … #RUMORS

Don’t ask its like she doing some triple type of stuff … Click here (Warning Definitely a Paysite) But if you are a fan and do want to support please do so.

I remember the days when Ehem my BOSS did this website .. It was years ago. I remember habibi copyright strikes on youtube and a lot of third party content. Who needs licensing back in the day. let me refresh my memory of my boss in the past ‘Ehem’.


Who remembers Lady tisay??? I do .. I even included her in my film, as a fap material prop. Bwahahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ Do not tell her… Last news about lady tisay is she is with kids now. I liked that booty shaker from the south. ‘MASIPAG’. I remember her lousy backgrounds “pero wala sya paki.” For the english speaking folks, “She didn’t care about the lousy background on her video.” She was confident and she can dance not just booty shake dances but also hip hop dance routines. Who remembers her comment below her name.

Her page still exists. What I do not like about her is the baby bump routines. Cmon’ “tisay pag juntis break time muna on maternity leave muna.”


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@mmy_ldytsy Moment ko muna to mga nak haha, Kung bet nyo yung sleepwear click the yellow basket agad vebs! #fyp #ladytisay #momsoftiktok โ™ฌ ๅŽŸ่ฒ – ABCandE

Good thing about tisay is she is still on social media still making videos and having fun with the kids. Going further ‘Sino pa kaya?’ #batch1

FreXel Dee (Patricia Flures Ong)

Miss frexel Dee aka Patricia FLures Ong is one of my favorites.

There is a long story that is comparable to a short novel pag tungkol kay frexel dee aka Patricia Flures Ong. Si frexel is the type of woman that is easy to talk to mabait kind of a socialite and medyo down to earth elitist. She agreed based on my BOSS na mag partake sa PBS project batch 1. Actually Pinaybootyshakers owes her a small amount of pay na hindi pa nabayaran. A couple of thousand pesos. It was her earning sa isang paysite na nag shut down. Sadly BOSS had to shutdown the site too due to lack of capital. Anyway we are back in the internet and still alive.

Frexel Dee aka Patricia Flures Ong is a sexy dancer who has a weird sense of sexiness but it works. She had lots of subscribers on youtube. PBS saw that and grabbed the opportunity to talk to her in a couple of email exchanges she agreed and she sent us some photos and a couple of videos. My boss made a website for her and it got some traffice pero not something to push forward. To end this Patricia Flures Ong is one of the popular filipina booty shakers on the internet during batch 1 Scouting. We will keep on crawling to find more.

Her Socials


Batch 1 was short the website was running for a year with a lot of third party content. Wala budget si boss kaya the planned music video shoot and music licensing, hindi natuloy. it had to stop. may reaction naman on youtube almost 500+ subs sadly most of it are third party content. #NotCredited #Notrrecognized #LameGame, PBS was planning to produce its own set of music videos with callobration with HipHop artist local and non local it was a good business plan. Support was lacking. The investment proposals had only 2 investors who agreed in small amounts of capital. ‘Hindi lang makahindi’ I think boss completely understood it. ‘EHEM’.

That is it! 3 models scouted to potentially endorse this website. Sadly Lady tisay rejected the offer and Mandy kay was too expensive luckily Frexel Ong agreed with 2 investors and ako. ‘EHEM’. It wasn’t working. We had to shutdown the site. I mean si ‘BOSS’ pala had to shutdown the website.

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  1. joshswaggerz Avatar

    Sus baduy ……. Kung wala mga Models Baduy……..

    1. pinoybellyshaker Avatar

      oks lang yan Josh dadami din yan ๐Ÿ™‚ Wait mo under construction pa mga 3 months recruitment stage na and marketing sama ka?