Women Shaking their Ass Where did it come from? Who did it first?

            Question in mind is where did the first ass shaking ritual begin? Africa? Asia ? hmmm Europa ? or possibly China? I will give you a good guess. Africa can be the most relative place where booty shaking began. Hunters and gatherers having a party circling a wild bon fire celebrating their days catch. Imagine half naked women shaking their ass to get their husband or maybe just to seduce their partners and make all the others envious of the deed. Lets imagine now where the first booty shake video came from ?


Shake your BOOTY!!! KC and Sunshine Band.

Browsing the good old internet I found KC and the Sunshine Band. I remember this song playing on the radio when I was a kid. Late 1980’s, early 90’s It was kind of known catering to the funk disco peoples of manila. Disco and dance music was hot back in the days. VST and Company, The Hotdog , Ugoy Ugoy Band, Ella Del Rosario and many more .

MR DISCO MR DISCO Ella Del Rosario


The country of the Philippines being shy towards shaking their behind, maybe !? tend to do dance in a less overt way as they move forward in time. People from the late 90’s to early 2000, people started to appreciate Stripclub type of dances like Pole dancing and Strip dancing. I remember the clubs hiring models to dance on strip poles and stages inside night clubs. It was fun, sexy and the go to status quo during the time late 2010’s.



T-pain music was Hot in the clubs. Hiphop  culture was flourishing and the stigma of Hiphop gangsters not being allowed in superclubs was starting to  get lesser. The hiphop culture was starting to be noticed as legitimate  forms of art rather than  being ‘ jologs’  .  Rap music was being played on the radio and televised as music videos.  RNB artists started appearing such as ARtstrong , 7 shots of wisdom, Andrew E,   Kyla , Nina ,  Kulay , Dice and K9  and many more.  Everything I write here are just based on memory ask the Hiphop bloggers for other Hiphop artist during that time.



As the Hiphop culture was getting bigger as so the booty shake community was starting to emerge. Inside the internet some people are doing covers of songs doing sexy dances. What is the reason  for this? Is it because of attention or club scene approval? seeing the clubs having model type looking babes shaking ass on stage made young girls over 18+ or maybe not with false ID’s admire the art of their dance? Who knows? Along these lines of publishing with Youtube coming as a platform it became viral. Women started to get attention and clubs started hosting booty shake events from local Brgys to Municipal events. According to my memory Southside Cavite and QC was a hot spot for booty shake competitions and events. The clubs was creating productions based on that alone.


Who was the first uploader of filipina booty shake dance on youtube or the internet ??
Who answers this with video validation as date of media file date or copy of video photo or video sample published gets a free FUBU Hoodie care of www.pinaybootyshakers.com. Based on these things what can you say about the booty shake trend is it T-PAIN , NELLY?? Who started it in this country? As per the quality of this website we will dive into more stuff talking about and investigating the origins of booty shake in this country.


Who remembers the RBrezzy babes. “Hindi ko kabisado members ah Toni and Rapsy lang naalala ko.” All I can say during this era, ‘the Dark Golden Age’ of the culture of sexy dance and booty shake, is they hyped it in a why that it became almost mainstream. Everybody knew them, the events are packed and every teen wanted to be like them. Some people might ask why dark ??? simple reason is It was from the underground scene, from youtube uploads to websites and live events the Rbrezzy group was heard and it became a cultural thing. My opinion towards this is maybe the dance cultured died down for the clubs and connections and networks was no longer promoting such events. I remember when clubs in Morato was empty and guests were less the 10. Club hopping was no longer because the club was full but because the club was empty. The trend of clubbin started to drop and the culture of Sexy dance and Booty shake started to tank down in terms of trends and videos. The videos started to disappear and youtube was starting to morph into a money machine. The culture was being overshadowed by commercially edited videos for daily consumption. A lot of creators was hit by this trend of commercialism on youtube and the trend just dropped. Pinay booty shakers having 500+ subs started to die down and was forced to delete the channel.

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Rbrezzy as the one last standing was also going down during this commercial trend. Luckily the Rbrezzy girls adapted and went to other forms of creating content. I do not know all of them so just comment below what you know about the Rbrezzy post era activities. I might post it as a blog and feature you as a contributor. The ending of this is the Rbrezzy brought a trend of Dark sexy dance filling up clubs and promoting Hiphop , Vape and their own brand of dance. 


            Andrew eh releasing the SHOOT SHOOT challenge video was a game changer.



Making new trends as always made people comeback to uploading sexy videos with sense and proper trends, improper trends are like copied moves without a cultural backing the shoot shoot trend was created by ANDREW E himself and that is a big thing for the hiphop dance community. It tanked a little but who would doubt the power of Dungalo and Viva. I hate them but Hiphop business and Hiphop support must be given credit. Why I hate VIVA do not ask. It’s a secret. Sue me Vic.

Time passing and the trend going up and down the question in mind towards this culture is where we at? What brands represent this culture? Who are the new babe icons of this new era going to the 2030’s Tyga just released a video about it. What do you think will happen this decade?? I give you the baton to make it happen. Busy Streets to the hotel suites. See you there.


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