Booty Shake by Tony kakkar and Sonu Kakkar (Striaight out of India)

Cause we are asians it is just wise to put some ‘Big Asia’ on the mix of this trend here in our country. It is not popular here to dance to indian hit songs due to the difference of language as so well as per arabic and hebrew speaking countries. What filipinos watch are western forms of the expression of the art of booty shake. In future posts I will post about booty shake songs from ‘Africa’. It is a must, but for now lets look at india song Booty Shake by Tony Kakkar and Sonu Kakkar.

Booty Shake – Tony Kakkar ft. Sonu Kakkar | Hansika Motwani | Sheetal Pery | Anshul Garg | Satti D

HIphop Reagatton with flashy colorful Highschool vibes, the video resembles the influence of western pop culture on asia while still preserving the hindustani feel. Some moves used on the video are very western HipHop while the set as a colorful mandala hints the culture of asia. The koreans also uses colors a lot to portray art on their music but who does it best in my opinion are indians, big production sets and a lot of cast. Looking at the wide shots of this video, you will just be amazed on how this trend through out the world is still strong.

TAPUTIT TAPUTIT TAPUTIT !!! Gotta love that rhythm.

Artists in the video of ‘Booty shake’

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SATTI D (Can’t find a photo)

Here is also a cover or video post doing the dance.

To all subscribers and members of this website feel free to share other country videos as to enrich the influences of the art of booty shaking and sexy dance in the philippines. I can’t wait to see local dancers and artists creating world hits using this trend. Keep supporting HipHop and the art of dance and strive to be better always. As per the sponsors and watchers with the intent of admiration and ‘you know’ .. I thank also for supporting this site and the artists and dancers who are posted here on this website.