Booty Work by TPAIN Dance Pinay

BOOTY WURK DANCE covers Before and Now ..

Who loves the T-Pain? We all do, during the era of superclubs and Hiphop dance competitions T-Pain was the Man going with Akon and others they are the new breed of swag. When Murda Inc started dying down due to reasons that is not my business, the auto tune era came along. Some people hated it , specially the Straight boom bap artist and the underground Rap hiphop scene but the Clubbers and Dance community loved T-pain music. All the babes and Hiphop towards the language of dance loved T-pain. It even created a flux of new Hiphop kids going into Hiphop culture just because of hearing T-Pain music. Everybody related to it, from heartbreak songs of Usher to Club to Stripclub romance and all that pain on the T made it click. In my point of view T-pain contributed greatly on the culture wether filipinos hate him or love him.


When T-pain released everybody was downloading his music, piracy was rampant during late 2000 – 2010. To get t-pain music was through bluetooth. “If you got a copy send it to me.” So t-pain music was inside the clubs every Hiphop blooded babe or Mack was inside the clubs making money or just plain enjoying the Hiphop scene. The club scene started accepting Hiphop music and Hiphop guests during these times. The gap of Hiphop and dance music was real, I was not there as a dancer but rumors spread like tabloid news 3.0. 3x the rep.


For the auto-tune issue, I can’t say I know music production that much, my musical career started 2005 so saying stuff about making music in terms of using auto-tune late 2000 is not a valid point of view. ‘Who uses that?’ We are like “Use your own voice!”and besides I played in a band not as a Hiphop producer or a Hiphop artist, I just like Rapmetal acts, Limp Bizkit and Incubus and Hiphop is there. I wasn’t the metal type of dude and so Hiphop was merged with my playing, from that point of view I think I can say Autotune was ornamental rather than a cheat. If you sing bad on auto-tune it will sound bad, if you sound good on auto-tune it will sound good. That is my take on the auto-tune issue about producing music. Its ornamental and augmentation. Auto-tune doesn’t make you sound good it enhances how you sound, definitely not a pill.



What is better? Thinking of it 2013 videos it is poorly produced due to access to video recording devices such as mobile phones and video cameras, compact cameras and DSLRs being much harder but I can see the difference of earlier babes trying to be well known or famous by covering the song. The efforts of the generation of today 2020 onwards is way different compared to 2013. The past was more like girls wanting to be seen but with a little shyness on the mix of their dances. It was really taboo to act like a stripper while not being one. In todays time 2020 onwards kids steps are more of |I am not trying to be a stripper this is just a trend and we are making content.” The aim to be famous is easier and so the seeking of attention is lesser in our modern age. Gauging the efforts of 2013 and 2020 what do you think is more rewarding to be famous and seen as a booty shaker from 2013 or 2020 based on the trend of T-pains booty wurk?

We are dancing like strippers but we are not and we are free women. 2013

We are not strippers we just want the views and the money. Give us a like and subscribe 2020