Pinay Booty Shake HD Search Engines are Rigged. BUDGET CUT Implemented

Pinay Booty Shake HD

The website will still be on going but the Financing aspect will be cancelled. Search engines are rigged. The website is down ranked purposefully by google and bing. How can the search engine prioritize porn sites over a cleaner version of the keyword. Do not worry the website will be still online for 10 years or more but the content will be lesser in quality and the funding aspects and sponsorships will all be canceled. Thanks for supporting

50k/ Year

Majos Belgica


The reason is this, lets tell it as a story.

I was going into my excitement as I open my browser checking if the website is going somewhere. I managed to achieve to enter the search engines on the 2nd and 3rd pages excluding Youtube videos amongst the spamsites and pornsites. I was shocked when I saw zero results on the websites keyword.

Reality grasped into me that the search engines are broken. Is it because I did something wrong? The past weeks I was busy licensing and writing stuff for the website. I was happy with the results of editing and uploading videos, writing 500 – 1000 words article but then it happened. The search engine took me out of the listing. I was no longered indexed. Why? Why are these companies so unfair to a dude like me? I hate google for this reason, for more than a decade I devoted time and money for this company and all they gave me was shit. Money and time was lost. Youtube videos produced using my own money went into nothing. I hate google for that reason.

Let me show you googles 1st page.

These results doesn’t even have the word phrase on the page title. Such a pitiful ploy by google. Yes it is real I am one of these guys who pushes brands and websites and for years they keep on attacking my brand. I do not care I still have money but my ideas and intentions are always never realized. This is why I always publish on sites and social media that I hate google. Never earned a cent from them.

Lets try Bing? the lovable Microsoft Brand

They returned 2 results on the first page and all from youtube. Let us try to find my website in bing.

All I can say about the search engines is its no longer accurate, our posts will struggle competing with other keywords. Using the keyword search ‘pinay booty shake’ or ‘pinay booty shakers’ we hope this gets fixed in the future. The goal in mind is to dominate that keyword along side with other keyword searches.