Pinay Booty Shake Music Samples

Pinay Booty Shake Viral Video

What type of music is best for ‘Booty shake’? I can recommend Bounce Hiphop as a choice but most prefer Reggaeton and Slow Rnb for some classic strip tease routine. What do you think is best comment below.

I myself Mr Bellyshaker tried producing music for Pinaybootyshakers, I can make Hiphop beats but for some reason singing or rapping is not my thing, I tried writing a theme based track for PBS titled “Booty Loving Game” where booty shake will never be the same, You get it? My Lyricism sucks like a bitches bitch trap money.  Hiphop wise I do not have a gift of creating dope wordplays and meaningful verses, I can be poetic but poetry ain’t rap says Lil Wayne. I still disagree but you got to respect Lil Wayne.

Planning on doing some music production for this brand. I can only promise 12 tracks as a project due to the budget cuts. I will produce a 12 track Mp3 file playlist on this website free of use.

All vocals will be omitted.
Sample track