Pinay Booty Shakers Might Shutdown this October

Pinay booty shakers website might go offline this 2023. The lack of support from talents , booty shakers , dancers, The Hiphop community and others involved in the trend might be the real big reason why the website is not getting any funding. The simple goal of the website is to promote the Hiphop Dance Community in the form of sexy dances and the genre of twerk and booty shake. Another big reason for this website is to override the immoral posts of porn sites in the search engine with decent sexy videos and photos from the Hiphop community rarther than porn clips from abused naive women earning money doing sex work.

As of now the analytics of the site is below 1000 / month and that number is not enough to create an interesting proposal for investors, Music and video producers specially sponsors.

If the website is offline on October 2023 that means we are not able to continue the vision and mission of this website. If that happens see you in PBS 4.0

Founder Brand Owner
Majos Belgica

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