TikTok They Heard butT they Didn’t


Hello this is pinoybellyshaker. It’s been months since my last post. The website is dead but we have a year commitment on this. So lets just post Tiktokers for this month jan 2023, Last post Nov 2022.

Late Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year……..

I am kinda ‘maselan’,, on videos being sexy is not enough you need to have that butt poppin thang. A lot of videos are doing dances but it ain’t inline with the culture of butt shaking. I will scout tiktok for 2 hours and will post a lot of pages for this day. If you want to contribute on this website just register and I will give you author and contributor privileges. This site is kinda dead anways but the pursuit continues.


It takes skills to be a booty shaker having looks is not a game changer. Having looks and the skills gets you sponsors, I hope in todays time. A brand new phone , a clothing endorsement deal. It takes looks and skills but how can you improve your looks if your skill doesn’t look good. No one pays a beautiful face in the game of booty shake. The booty is your Money. How long can you keep it bouncing?


Reminding our website visitors on the goal of this website. We PBS wants the search engine to display booty shake videos and blogs rather than porn site returns on the keyword search on that note we want the website also to accumulate a lot of videos passed on to our database as pbsmedia@pinaybootyshakers.com That is the simple goal and intention of this website, to eradicate the bad image of the keyword ‘Pinay Booty Shake’ and make it OFFICIAL as a Cultural HipHop slang or word rather than a pornsite keyword search. Help us in reaching that goal.

For further videos of Tiktok Dancers here is another one #ANOTHERONE Jayanne


I think I posted that PBS wants to sponsor these ladies some Mobile Phones and Clothing lines but sadly the response and budget was off and less, the budget cuts happened and so there is no sponsorship opportunity as of now. I think these ladies heard it but it came from the wrong mouth. Who did say it ? Who knows who pimped up the trend without the proper Street Ed. I cannot pose as a real Hustler on the streets that lifestyle is over for me, I need to make decent money but in return for the streets I still put up this website. May the streets hate it or not, it doesn’t matter we still here. Support it or not it is still a trend. Money stacks or none Hiphop is supported. We represent Universal Hiphop the chance and the life of the less lucky but still able the play good game and dance Motown funky. Opppss here I am with that street slang flow from my love of the game. Straight up DIG it !!!!

Happy new year 2023 may this year be something and Hope our money goes back to the original plan and may the gods of Hiphop bestow an annual tribute to the game and Hiphop as life.

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  1. PBSphotographer Avatar

    Tinalo ng BAZIINGAAA yan Swaggiii Next time #PaldoweyNgunit