Pinay Booty Shakers Valentine Bounce!00!

Poland 2018

What to do this valentines day. We got 2 new Users.



A warm up Twerk Dancehall video by Lavinia

Check out their dance studio Studio Tańca So Fly | Gdansk (


We have a studio room now for videos and photos care of MJB STUDIOS.All we lack now is talents who would like to build portfolio and model clips for their own brand. remember you can pass your videos at

TwerkTwerkmulato – YouTube

The site has been up for a couple of months now and the growth is slow. The trend is there still but something needs to ignite the fire to take away the cold winter. Lets hope this summer something big is gonna happen.


Any names drop down the comments.

Tiktok Counts 1.4M views
CHubbytitaXAte Bouncy
Name :

What is her name?? HULAAN MO…I think. She reminds me of the tattooed Marie Punzalan Chick with the passion to dance.


Some say if you can get paid a peso for a view then these people could be millionaires overnight. Who wants to do the 1PESO MOVE!?!? I can arrange the funding who tops the view counts gets the fund. Click 1 peso drop. Industry shake. I will create a page in the future, we all did speculate about this way of earning but is it converting to cash money? It is not I have subscribed to a lot of youtube accounts and Patreon before and now and they earn a couple of hundred from me monthly. This theory of overnight millionaires is possible.

2nd Player for the night


This is an asian thing. She looks thicky too but with a more chinese jap look. Not that huge on the front bump but who cares it’s the effort on the dance that counts. (I am bullshitting) View Counts Counted. VCC’d to post.


Who has the balls and bankroll to date these women? Dinner date at some fancy hotel or resto for valentines. I challenge the guys at a cheap 30k date deal. Got the 30k to spend then be a man. I can contact somebody to arrange the date or it could be on your side documenting it for fun sake. Having a date this valentines day is healthy. Just do it.. Nike !!!

So here we go, ending this with Alexis Dacrama as a Thumbnail Featz I can choose Hul44nmo as a thumbnail Feature but I feel lazy so i just flipped a coin and chose one. Question before I leave this website from pinoybellyshaker. What is your plans this valentines day? 1 week preparation is all you need to get that someone to ride along with your life like a lambo on Edsa. What will you do? Cmon’ just comment below . What will you be doing this valentines day?

Tell me?

3 responses to “Pinay Booty Shakers Valentine Bounce!00!”

  1. PBSBellyShaker Avatar

    mag valentines na wala ba kayo pa flowers diyan sa mga Tiktokers???

    email lang

  2. PBSBellyShaker Avatar

    Kamusta na kaibigan 🙂 Wala ba bago Scout?
    Si Toni lang malakas eh nasa TV…..

    1. PBSphotographer Avatar

      Ako lang malakas sarado na studio …….

      Plug pala ni AnonJesabella
      Dance Bootyshake ‘PaldoWey’ Music video shoot
      Location : Resort banda sa Antipolo
      Bring : 1500 for Lodging overnight and extra money for Booze
      Date: Jan 23 – jan 25, 2065
      Maximum sa list : 15pax only allowed
      probable ma extra sa music video. Produced by Director Mike Slicky

      #sanananyari no…….#pseudonames #hipHop #Bossbalita???